Remington Branch Wizard RM0612P Electric Pruning Pole Saw Review

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Taming a tree can be a pleasurable task when you use the right tool. The Remington Branch Wizard RM0612P electric pruning pole saw can serve for such a purpose if you take time to purchase it.  The electric pruning saw is designed to help everyone who wants to complete tree taming or cutting within a limited period of time.  You’re sure to enjoy using it at all times.

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The Remington pole saw is very portable and lightweight. It’s much more efficient than ordinary manual pruner. The electric pole saw is powered by 6 Amp motor which makes it very efficient at all times. With the saw, you can easily cut tree branches that are up to 6 inches thick.  It comes with 7 foot long fiberglass pole which helps you to reach several sections of a tree you want to tame.

Remington RM0612P Pole Saw Features & Specifications

  • 6-inch Low kickback bar & chain
  • 12 ft. reach capability
  • In-line powerhead design for easy access in trees
  • Trigger lock-off button prevents accidental starting
  • 25% reduction in weight vs. electric polesaw
  • 6 Amp motor able to cut branches up to 6 inches thick
  • Weighs up to 50 percent less than manual pole pruners

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The Remington Branch Wizard pole saw is very easy-to-use. It has the capacity of trimming tight spaces.  It also has a low kick back chain and 6 inch guide bar for easy operation.  The saw has non slip grip and a trigger lock to prevent you from accidents.  It operates in a very quiet mode which makes you enjoy using it at all times.  There’s a 1 year warranty backing up the Remington electric saw. You’ll always have great value for your money when you go for the product.

Again, the Remington RM0612P Pole Saw comes with in-line power-head design which gives you easy access when trimming a tree.  It has a nice trigger lock off that guarantees your safety when you use the tool.  You’ll always enjoy using it for all kinds of tree taming and cutting at any time.  It’s known to be very durable as well.

Currently, the Remington electric pole saw is selling like hot cakes in several online shopping malls.  Many people have continued to buy and use it for various purposes. Lots of reviews have also been written concerning the product.

Remington Branch Wizard RM0612P Review

As at the moment, the Remington Branch Wizard RM0612P electric pruning pole saw has garnered 25 solid positive reviews at Amazon. The reviews were mainly written by people who bought the product from Amazon as well. The product has 3.9 out of 5 stars from the reviews. Click here to read these reviews.

Lots of positive comments are seen in many of the reviews. One reviewer heaved a sigh of relief when he bought the Remington pole saw. He said he has finally gotten a tool that works as advertised.  Another reviewer said the saw met all his needs.

Meanwhile, there are few negative comments seen in some of the reviews.  One reviewer said the saw breaks too easily.  He said that the internal drive gear of the saw breaks after using it for some periods. Well, this may be as a result of irresponsible use of the saw.

In any case, the Remington Branch Wizard RM0612P Electric Pruning Pole Saw is still a unique tool you can always use in accomplishing tree trimming task. You’re sure to benefit from the tool when you engage it. Purchase it now online.

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