Earthwise CVPS41008 Electric Chain Saw/Pole Saw Combo Review

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The Earthwise CVPS41008 electric chain saw/pole saw combo is a pole saw cum chain saw manufactured and distributed by the Earthwise, which is a reputed brand for dependable and top notch quality power tools for home and commercial gardening and mowing purposes.

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This Earthwise pole saw can be elongated for your convenience to more than 9 feet and six inches which help you reach the highest of branches without a ladder. But if you need additional accessibility, it’s not a problem for this useful tool, as it is supplied with an additional Oregon bar measuring eight inches in length. This extendable bar can even be adjusted to three different angles, which helps you use the The Earthwise cvps41008 electric pole chain saw to chop down the trickiest of branches with ease without spraining yourself.

Earthwise CVPS41008 Pole Chain Saw Features & Specifications

  • 2 in 1: 8-Inch Chain Saw or Pole Saw
  • Adjustable Handle Length
  • Overall length, fully extended 9.6-feet
  • Two Section Lightweight Fiberglass Pole with Soft Grip
  • Telescoping Handle
  • 8-Inch Oregon Chain and Bar

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The Earthwise electric chain saw has been designed with customizability and customer’s ease of use in mind, and that clearly shown in the various innovative features that have been incorporated into it. This Earthwise pole saw also doubles up as a highly functional and powerful chain saw on removal of the light weight handle made of long lasting fiberglass. The potent 6.5 Amp powered motor can slice through branches upto six inches thick effortlessly.

The Earthwise cvps41008 pole saw can become your favourite companion for garden maintenance as it offers you the versatile dual functionality of a chain saw as well as a pole saw, which helps you reduce clutter in your toolbox. Earthwise has even been generous enough to throw in a telescoping handle with the package at no extra cost!

Earthwise CVPS41008 Pole Saw Review

The Earthwise CVPS41008 electric chain saw/pole saw combo has received all positive reviews on, which is witness to what a useful tool it is. It boasts of an excellent 5/5 rating. One of the users commented that she found the construction of this tool to be very tough and it had enough power to take care of all her gardening needs. She complimented it saying it was more than worth its price. Another purchaser said that the Earthwise electric pole saw was most suitable petty yard jobs like branch cutting and trimming trees for firewood. He said he found it much more convenient than using a bigger saw and he didn’t need a ladder for reaching the branches he wanted to chop. Click here to read more reviews.

Only one user had anything negative to say, and though she gave it a 5/5 rating too, she said she wished the Earthwise electric chain saw was supplied with an extendable blade for slicing through thicker branches. So it should be kept in mind that this power saw is intended for light domestic use and may not be suitable for the power user.

So the Earthwise CVPS41008 electric chain saw/pole saw combo makes for an excellent pole saw and chain saw combo, and for the wide variety of features it offers at a competitive price, it’s the best choice.

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