Black & Decker NPP2018B Cordless Pole Chain Saw Review

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The Black & Decker NPP2018B Cordless Pole Chain Saw will save you lots of time and money in sprucing up your garden. This powerful pole saw lets you prune your own branches so you get the job done the way you like it. In the end you have a well spruced up backyard and no extra cost save for the cost of buying this convenient tool. Speaking of which, this tool only costs $89.84 on and shipping is free. Coupled with the two year warranty, this is an attractive offer that is worth taking up. Click here to Buy From Amazon and save 5% for a limited time only!

You only need to get an 18V Black & Decker rechargeable battery and its charger to get you started. Once you connect your black decker pole saw you will notice that you actually appear taller as you reach branches up to 14 feet. This is made possible by the 8-inch extension cable that is attached to your saw.  You reach to this height easily without having to climb on a ladder so you are actually safer from accidental falls. Standing on terra firma as you prune high wayward branches also gives you the needed stability so precision is assured.

Black & Decker NPP2018B Cordless Pole Chain Saw Features & Specifications

  • Lets you prune branches yourself to save time and money
  • Extends to reach up to 14 feet
  • Powerful motor won’t get in the way of your view
  • Measures 115 inches in length and weighs 7.6 pounds
  • Requires 18V Black & Decker rechargeable battery and charger
  • Comes with 2-year warranty

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The Black & Decker NPP2018B Cordless Pole Chain Saw is battery powered and cordless too. This makes your pruning jobs easy and faster since you do not have to maneuver with cords and as long as the battery is fully charged, you only have to switch on your electric pole chain saw and you are good to go. In addition, this saw is lightweight, weighing only 13 pounds so it is easy to control it and get perfect results all the time.

The design of this Black & Decker cordless pole saw is so versatile and after use, you simply fold it up and store it safely in the bag included in the package. Folding is easy since it has three marked out folding positions that ensure your chain saw structure is not damaged. The motor in this black and decker pole saw is so placed that it does not get in the way as you work on high branches. The grip is firm and includes a rough-and-tough plastic design that is the best anti-slip technology.

Black & Decker NPP2018B Review

The Black & Decker NPP2018B Cordless Pole Saw is highly rated on with 14 reviews, 12 of which give the highest 5 out of 5 stars rating. The average rating is an impressive 4.5 stars which shows the popularity of this product and the satisfaction it delivers. The ease of use of this chain saw is the most popular feature. Most reviewers love that it is light weight and that it works fast to cut through branches high above the ground. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

One reviewer commented that this Black & Decker npp2018b pole saw is an excellent product as long as the instructions are followed to the letter. This is true for most electronic stuff and how well you follow instructions will determine your level of satisfaction with the product.

The Black & Decker NPP2018B Cordless Pole Chain Saw is good value for money and the design is modern and easy to use. So place your order and get pruning for a more beautiful and well kept garden and this at a fast speed too.

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