Earthwise PS40008 Electric Telescopic Pole Saw Review

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The Earthwise PS40008 Electric Telescopic Pole Saw is a unique tool meant for completing great cutting tasks.  It’s also meant for easy trimming jobs of all kinds. You’ll always make your work faster when you use the tool.

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Actually, the Earthwise PS40008 Telescopic Pole Saw comes with adjustable length for easy usage. You simply adjust it to any desired angle that can suit your task.  It also comes with cutting angles for easy completion of tasks.  The tool has a powerful 6-amp motor for maximum efficiency.  The Earthwise pole saw has an automatic bar and chain tension adjustment for making your work easier.  It also has cod retention hook for easy operation.

Earthwise PS40008 Electric Pole Saw Features & Specifications

  • 8-Inch Oregon bar and chain
  • 3 position adjustable head
  • Telescopic extention pole to 10.2-feet
  • Automatic chain tension and oiling
  • Telescoping adjustable handle

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The telescopic pole saw requires the standard 120V power to function.  It comes with 8-inch Oregon chain and bar for easy usage.  It has a 3 position adjustable heat and a telescopic extension pole measuring up to 10.2 ft.  The Earthwise electric pole saw has automatic chain tension and oiling feature. It also operates with a unique telescopic adjustable handle.  This helps you to adjust its settings at will.

You stand to gain a lot when you go for the Earthwise pole saw.  It simply helps you to accomplish great cutting tasks within few minutes. All you need to do is to make sure the Telescopic Pole Saw is well set to the right direction or angle you want. You can always   use it according to whatever style you have in mind.

Earthwise PS40008 Electric Telescopic Pole Saw Review

As at the moment, the product has attracted 64 positive reviews at Amazon.  This is a clear indication that many people are really enjoying using it. Several users have actually benefitted from it. A good number of the users have been able to complete several tasks while putting the tool to work.  The earthwise ps40008 has also gained 4.3 out of 5 stars at Amazon.  This shows how reliable it has always been. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Looking at some of the reviews, we discover lots of positive comments concerning the Telescopic Pole Saw.  One customer says the ps40008 pole saw is very affordable and good.  Another customer says the product works at advertised.  The customer goes on to say that he has used the telescopic pole saw for a couple of times without having any problem with it. From many of the reviews, it’s very clear that the product is very durable. You don’t need to worry about replacing it after several years of usage. It’s also known to be very easy to maintain at all times.

There are currently no negative reviews on the product except few negative comments.  One customer says the Earthwise telescopic pole saw is a little heavy but yet, it still works very well. This negative review is subjective. It could be that the user didn’t know exactly how to put it into good use.

From the above, it’s very clear that the Earthwise PS40008 Electric Telescopic Pole is a unique tool to go for. You’ll always succeed in carrying out several tasks easily when you make use of the product. Why not purchase it today?

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